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Patients with low back pain treated by chiropractic derive more benefit and long term satisfaction than those treated by hospitals. 1995.

Subjects : 741 men and women aged 18-64 years with low back pain in whom manipulation was not contraindicated.

Outcome measures : Change in total Oswestry questionnaire score and in score for pain and patient satisfaction with allocated treatment.

Results : According to total Oswestry scores improvement in all patients at three years was about 29% more in those treated by chiropractors than in those treated by the hospitals. The beneficial effect of chiropractic on pain was particularly clear. Those treated by chiropractors had more further treatments for back pain after the completion of trial treatment. Among both those initially referred from chiropractors and from hospitals more rated chiropractic helpful at three years than hospital management.

Conclusions : At three years the results confirm the findings of an earlier report that when chiropractic or hospital therapists treat patients with low back pain as they would in day to day practice those treated by chiropractic derive more benefit and long term satisfaction than those treated by hospitals.

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Active manipulations have more effect than simulated manipulations on pain relief for acute back pain and sciatica with disc protrusion. 2005.

Background context

Acute back pain and sciatica are major sources of disability. Many medical interventions are available, including manipulations, with conflicting results.


To assess the short- and long-term effects of spinal manipulations on acute back pain and sciatica with disc protrusion.

Patient sample

102 ambulatory patients with at least moderate pain on a visual analog scale for local pain (VAS1) and/or radiating pain (VAS2).


Manipulations or simulated manipulations were done 5 days per week by experienced chiropractors, with a number of sessions which depended on pain relief or up to a maximum of 20, using a rapid thrust technique. Patients were assessed at admission and at 15, 30, 45, 90, and 180 days. At each visit, all indicators of pain relief were used.
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Physiotherapy treatment provided benefits over usual care for seniors with recurrent headache associated with neck pain and dysfunction. 2016.


Headache is a common health problem that affects quality of life. Headaches change with age [[1], [2], [3]]. Their features become less typical; for example, in seniors, a diagnosis of probable migraine is more prevalent than migraine [4]. Secondary headaches increase in frequency [5], and associated neck pain is common [2]. In line with this occurrence, we demonstrated that cervical musculoskeletal dysfunction (CMD) was more prevalent in seniors with than in those without headache


This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of a physiotherapy program for seniors with recurrent headaches associated with neck pain and cervical musculoskeletal dysfunction, irrespective of the headache classification.

Patient Sample

Sixty-five participants with recurrent headache, aged 50–75 years, were randomly assigned to either a physiotherapy (n=33) or a usual care group (n=32).

Outcome Measures

The primary outcome was headache frequency. Secondary outcomes were headache intensity and duration, neck pain and disability, cervical range of motion, quality of life, participant satisfaction, and medication intake.


Participants in the physiotherapy group received 14 treatment sessions. Participants in the usual care group continued with their usual care. Outcome measures were recorded at baseline, 11 weeks, 6 months, and 9 months. This study was funded by a government research fund of $6,850. No conflict of interest is declared.


Physiotherapy treatment provided benefits over usual care for seniors with recurrent headache associated with neck pain and dysfunction.
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There was a positive, clinically important effect of the number of chiropractic treatments for chronic low back pain on pain intensity and disability at 4 weeks. Relief was substantial for patients receiving care 3 to 4 times per week for 3 weeks. 2004.


To conduct a pilot study to make preliminary identification of the effects of number of chiropractic treatment visits for manipulation with and without physical modalities (PM) on chronic low back pain and disability.

Patient sample

Seventy-two patients with chronic, nonspecific low back pain of mechanical origin.

Main outcome measures

Von Korff pain and disability (100-point) scales.


Patients were randomly allocated to visits (1, 2, 3 or 4 visits/week for 3 weeks) and to treatment regimen (spinal manipulation only or spinal manipulation with PM). All patients received high-velocity low-amplitude spinal manipulation. Half received one or two of the following PM at each visit: soft tissue therapy, hot packs, electrotherapy or ultrasound.


There was a positive, clinically important effect of the number of chiropractic treatments for chronic low back pain on pain intensity and disability at 4 weeks. Relief was substantial for patients receiving care 3 to 4 times per week for 3 weeks.
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Most patients with frozen shoulder syndrome in this case series appeared to improve with the chiropractic treatment. 2012.


The purpose of this case series is to describe the treatment and outcomes of a series of patients presenting with frozen shoulder syndrome who received a novel chiropractic approach (OTZ Tension Adjustment).


The files of 50 consecutive patients who presented to a private chiropractic practice with frozen shoulder syndrome were reviewed retrospectively. Two primary outcomes were extracted from the files for initial examination and at final evaluation: (1) the 11-point numeric pain rating scale and (2) the percentage change in shoulder abduction. Each patient received a series of chiropractic manipulative procedures that focused on the cervical and thoracic spine.


Of the 50 cases, 16 resolved completely (100% improvement), 25 showed 75% to 90% improvement, 8 showed 50% to 75% improvement, and 1 showed 0% to 50% improvement.
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Manual therapy had a significantly better (72%) success rate than physiotherapy. Manual therapy appeared to be the choice of treatment for patients with sacro-iliac-joint-related leg pain. May 2013.


The sacroiliac joint (SIJ) may be a cause of sciatica. The aim of this study was to assess which treatment is successful for SIJ-related back and leg pain.


Of the 51 patients, 25 (56 %) were successfully treated. Physiotherapy was successful in 3 out of 15 patients (20 %), manual therapy in 13 of the 18 (72 %), and intra-articular injection in 9 of 18 (50 %) patients (p = 0.01). Manual therapy had a significantly better success rate than physiotherapy (p = 0.003).
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22% of participants reported more than a 90% reduction of migraines as a consequence of the 2 months of chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy {SMT}. February 2000.


To assess the efficacy of chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) in the treatment of migraine.


One hundred twenty-seven volunteers between the ages of 10 and 70 years were recruited through media advertising. The diagnosis of migraine was made on the basis of the International Headache Society standard, with a minimum of at least one migraine per month.


Participants completed standard headache diaries during the entire trial noting the frequency, intensity (visual analogue score), duration, disability, associated symptoms, and use of medication for each migraine episode.
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