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ButtonPurpHome-300x300 Massage Services

ButtonPurpHome-300x300 Massage Services

ButtonPurpHome-300x300 Massage Services

A1 Pilates Massage Therapists employ a
variety of healing techniques to alleviate
chronic pain and discomfort.
A single massage session generally
incorporates a combination of one or more
of our massage techniques listed below.


Therapeutic Massage as a nonpharmacological intervention has been clinically documented in the peer-reviewed literature to alleviate a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems.

Read more about the cutting edge, ongoing research on our Massage Clinical Studies page.

ButtonPurpHome-300x300 Massage Services
ButtonPurpHome-300x300 Massage Services
ButtonPurpHome-300x300 Massage Services

Trigger point therapy is also known as “neuromuscular therapy” or “myotherapy”.  Trigger points are concentrated areas of muscle spasm, a knot or muscle tension created by muscular hyperactivity.  Knots can be superficial, deep, or a combination of both.  By the application of  alternating pressure to the spasm, the Massage Therapist can dramatically reduce a knot and the associated pain and dysfunction it causes.  Tight trigger points can often refer pain to body parts distant from the trigger point itself.

Transverse friction massage is a type of tissue therapy applied in the direction opposite to how the muscle fibers run.  This technique is used mainly on tendon or ligament injuries to help break down thickened, painful scar tissue, and to prevent scar tissue formation. Muscle fibers are lengthened, and mobility is increased.  Transverse friction massage enhances circulation, and promotes healing by regeneration of muscle tissue fibers.

Adults Demonstrate Modified Immune Response After Receiving Massage, Cedars-Sinai Researchers Show. October 2010.

Researchers in Cedars-Sinai’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences have reported people who undergo massage experience measureable changes in their body’s immune and endocrine response.

Although there have been previous, smaller studies about the health benefits of massage, the Cedars-Sinai study is widely believed to be the first systematic study of a larger group of healthy adults.

The study is published online at http://www.liebertonline.com/loi/acm.  It also will be published in the October printed edition of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.  

“Massage is popular in America, with almost 9 percent of adults receiving at least one massage within the past year,” said Mark Rapaport, MD, chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences.  “People often seek out massage as part of a healthy lifestyle but there hasn’t been much physiological proof of the body’s heightened immune response following massage until now.”

In the study, 29 subjects received 45 minutes of Swedish massage and 24 received 45 minutes of light touch massage.  Each participant underwent informed consent, a physical and mental evaluation and was deemed to be physically healthy and free of any mental disorder.  Massage therapists were trained in how to deliver both Swedish and light touch using specific and identical protocols.

Among the study’s results:

  • People in the Swedish massage group experienced significant changes in lymphocytes ,(lymphocyte numbers and percentages white blood cells that play a large role in defending the body from disease.

  • Swedish massage caused a large decrease (effect size -.74) in Arginine Vasopressin (AVP) a hormone believed to play a role in aggressive behavior and linked to helping cause increases in the stress hormone cortisol.

  • Swedish massage caused a decrease in levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

  • Swedish massage caused a notable decrease in most cytokines produced by stimulated white blood cells.

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Prenatal massage therapy is therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. It enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves circulation and general body tone, and relieves mental and physical fatigue.

Swedish massage therapy is the most popular type of massage in the United States.  It involves the use of hands, forearms or elbows to manipulate the superficial layers of the muscles to improve mental and physical health. Active or passive movement of the joints may also be part of the massage. The benefits of Swedish massage include increased blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation , decreased stress and muscle tension, and improved range of motion.

Serious drug side effects are massively underreported in medical papers.  September 2016.

An astonishing 64 per cent of drug or medical device side effects are left out of the published reports that clinicians so frequently base decisions on. This is the finding of a recent paper published in the journal PLOS Medicine by a team of UK researchers.
“There is strong evidence that much of the information on adverse events remains unpublished and that the number and range of adverse events is higher in unpublished than in published versions of the same study,” the authors wrote.
“The main purpose of a paper is that there is good news and that something works. Most people consider side effects to be bad news so they present the minimum possible. The journals want to publish something that is exciting and interesting. I wouldn’t say it is anyone’s fault in particular. People like to think they have the new cure for cancer. I blame the culture.”
A 2014 Newsweek story highlighted how a “significant amount of negative data” from trials of the drug Tamiflu were withheld from the public. Around 70 deaths were attributed to the drug, many of them suicides – but this potential side effect was not known to the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention or the doctors administering it.

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Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the lymph system with extremely light, circular pumping movements. By stimulating the lymphatic system, the therapist helps drain puffy, swollen tissues, supports the body’s immune system, helps the body heal from surgery, and aids in the body’s natural waste removal or detoxification.

Myofascial release technique is a safe, effective technique that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.  Fascia is located between the skin and the underlying structure of muscle and bone.  It is a seamless web of connective tissue that covers and connects the muscles, organs, and skeletal structures in our body.  Injuries, stress, trauma, and poor posture can cause restrictions in the fascia, and the goal of myofascial release is to release fascia restrictions and restore the fascia tissue to normal.